Promised Land is not just another surf movie—it’s the story of an ancient people living in their ancient homeland. It’s the story of their history, struggle to survive, victories and achievements—and we needed music that could capture and reflect these things. For the heavier scenes in the movie, we picked soundtracks that would bring the audience into the story of struggle and survival, while for the uplifting scenes we chose music that would make the soul dance. There is a fine line between too much heaviness and too much lightheartedness and the Promised Land soundtrack does a wonderful job of taking the audience from scene to scene, always evoking the appropriate emotions along the way.

Some of the tracks were picked from existing music, while others were scored specifically for the movie. Promised Land takes the audience on a musical journey that includes the soulful approach of Josh Garrels, the upbeat music of Timmy Curran and inspiring scores by Jim Roach and Gayle Skidmore. Also featured are Israeli artist Ortal Pelleg and the creative soul-rock-reggae sounds of Dominic Balli, whose transparent lyrics of freedom, hope and love have given many people inspiration. The last track of the movie is Jerusalem by the famous Hassidic artist Matisyahu, who blends reggae, rock and hip-hop beatboxing with traditional Jewish themes. Jerusalem inspires the audience with lyrics from Psalm 137, which was written by the Jewish prophet Jeremiah during the Babylonian exile of Israel thousands of years ago. This Psalm captures the Israelite exiles’ longing for Jerusalem while they were held in captivity far from their homeland. Jerusalem is a fitting closing song for Promised Land as it conveys the longing, connection and unquenchable love the Jewish people have for their eternal capitol Jerusalem.

Track                         Artist Website
GRACE Danny Donnelly Dannydonnelly.Com
THE COMFORTER Danny Donnelly Dannydonnelly.Com
AGAIN AND AGAIN (INSTRUMENTAL) Dominic Balli DominicBalli.Com
DAISY’S SONG (INSTRUMENTAL) Dominic Balli DominicBalli.Com
THIS CITY IS KILLING ME Dusty Brown DustyBrown.Com
A BLUE SUN Dusty Brown DustyBrown.Com
MAKE BELIEVE Gayle Skidmore GayleSkidmore.Com
ZION Gayle Skidmore GayleSkidmore.Com
BELOVED Hundred Year Storm
AUGUST ON FIRE Hundred Year Storm
SLIP BACK Jim Roach Jimroachmusic.Com
TECHNICOLOR Jim Roach Jimroachmusic.Com
HOLIDAY Jordan Frye Myspace.Com/Jordanfryemusic
FLOOD WATERS Josh Garrels JoshGarrels.Com
CREATION SONG Josh Garrels JoshGarrels.Com
BEYOND THE BLUE Josh Garrels JoshGarrels.Com
BREAD & WINE Josh Garrels JoshGarrels.Com
JERUSALEM Matisyahu Matisyahuworld.Com
TAPPING AWAY Ortal Pelleg Ortalpelleg.Com
DON’T KNOW WHO ARE The Donkeys Myspace.Com/Thedonkeys
BYE BYE BABY The Donkeys Myspace.Com/Thedonkeys
CONTRADICTIONS Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
U DEAR (INSTRUMENTAL) Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
NORDIC MONSTER Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
FAST FORWARD (INSTRUMENTAL) Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
SUDDENLY (INSTRUMENTAL) Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
CASTLE Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
BELIEVE Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
SWIM Timmy Curran TimmyCurran.Com
AN EASTERN PRAYER Twenty Three Lions TwentyThreeLions.Com
WATER LANDING Twenty Three Lions TwentyThreeLions.Com

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